Princeton PiggyBack® Applications
Doors and Windows

The Princeton PiggyBack® Delivery System is a proven method for doors and windows that has revolutionized customer service and delivery efficiency.

The Concept

Since the early 90's, many major U.S. door and window manufacturers have eliminated manual labor when it comes to delivering their products, while increasing productivity.

What did they do?

  1. Use a pallet system with a backrest to stack the doors/windows per drop/customer. This can be a shop pallet with caster wheels, or a sophisticated aluminum pallet system.
  2. Use a curtain-sided truck or trailer. It can be equipped with a second loading floor for double stacking
  3. Ability to reassign the co-driver because of the truck mounted forklift.

What are the advantages?

  1. Very fast delivery times, sometime improving efficiency by 50%
  2. Less damage because of manual handling
  3. Reduce potential injuries.
  4. Providing a better place to work, attract better personnel.