Princeton PiggyBack®
Special Solutions

Princeton PiggyBack® Beverage Application

Box Trailer Mount

PiggyBack forklifts can be installed on Box trailers.

Princeton PiggyBack® Bottled Gas Application

Competitive / Universal Mountings

A Princeton PiggyBack forklift can be mounted on or adapted to a variety...

Princeton PiggyBack® Brick, Block and Paver Application

Dump Bed Mount

  Princeton has developed a mounting kit for use with dump bed trucks.

Princeton PiggyBack® General Building Materials Application

Top Mount Kits

With a sliding kit, that is mounted on top of the trailer, truck or tractor, the PiggyBack..

Princeton PiggyBack® Door and Window Application

West Coast Trailers

Princeton has 3 different ways to adapt a trailer that has the axles mounted all the way...

Princeton PiggyBack® General Building Materials Application

Low Boy Trailers

There are 2 solutions to mount a PiggyBack forklift to a low boy trailer...