Princeton PiggyBack®

Ten Common Mounting Requirements

1. Do not place a tag axle behind the main axles.
Tag axles are meant to increase load capacity only. If placed at the rear of the truck it must always be down.
2. Do not exceed state length or width laws.
The Piggy Back is an overhanging load. It is not part of the trailer, but is part of the vehicle overall length.
3. Do not exceed 48" from the back tire to the back of the bed.
Exceeding this dimension increases a chance of tire-to-ground contact & amount of counterweight needed.
4. Do not allow the Piggy Back to hang lower than recommended.
In general terms, this means that the bottom of the bed must be 48" from the ground.
5. You must check the frame structure of the transport vehicle.
Using a less than recommended level may result in fatigue failures in the transport vehicle.
6. Use counterweight when required.
Failure to do so will result in improper steering and braking control when the transport vehicle is empty.
7. Single Axle trucks are generally limited to units weighing less than 4200 Ibs.
Maintaining load capacity without overloading the axles is difficull due to the amount of counterweight needed.
8. "AII aluminum" trailers should not be specified for unit mounting.
Reinforced composite trailers are recommended. "AII aluminum" trailers require excessive counterweight.
9. Special mast attachments may affect the mounting of the unit.
lIems such as fork positioners, extra tall masts, etc. may need special dimensions when installing the mount.
10. Dump body trucks will require special mounting considerations.
Bed reinforcements and tie downs will be required. Generally, beds need shortened closer to the frame.