Princeton PiggyBack® Applications
Moving and Storage

The Princeton PiggyBack® Delivery System is a key component in the revolution of the moving and storage industry.

The Concept

For years, the only consumer option for additional storage was to rent a small garage with the traditional self storage industry. Now, a truck and a PiggyBack® are bringing a whole new dimension to storage. Or, if you are a moving company, can add another profit center to your existing facilities.

Here is how it works:

  1. The customer calls for self storage
  2. You deliver a wooden or metal box (typically 5'x7'x8') to the customers drive way or car port.
  3. The customer loads the container
  4. You pick up the container, and store it in a regular industrial warehouse
  5. The customer can access their container after appointment, many different access options are used.

What are the advantages?

  1. A regular industrial warehouse can be used to store the container. No zoning issues
  2. No need for the customer to rent a truck, or drive between home and the storage point several times
  3. Ideal for document and business storage
  4. There are many entrepreneurial success stories with this form of storage. Please contact us for details.