Princeton PiggyBack®
Truck Mounting Basics

Introduction to truck-mounting

Princeton has almost 30 years of truck-mounted forklift experience. The basics are simple, but there are many details to cover to insure maximum productivity and safety. In general, almost any truck or trailer can be modified to carry a PiggyBack®. Princeton features the EZ Hitch® mounting system, which is a proven and tested design. This is also the only mounting system in the industry that features 3 point safety: hook, pin & slack safety chain. The unit is ready to use in less than 60 seconds.

The Easy Hitch ® Mounting Kit

Using the wrong or incorrectly installed mounting system will result in excessive machine wear and maintenance cost. The EZ Hitch mounting system takes all weight off hydraulic components and relieves all driving related stress to the mounting kit.

All weight is carried on the PiggyBack's hooks, while shocks are absorbed by the tires. This unique and patented system ensures a smooth and safe ride for the unit.

Automatic Tilt Relief (ATR)

All Piggy Back Forklifts that are mounted on the EZ Hitch mounting system, are equipped with Automatic Tilt Relief (ATR). This device automatically releases all hydraulic pressure. The device is activated as soon as the unit is mounted, and the right turn signal of the truck or trailer is activated.

This device ensures that the unit is mounted correctly, and there is no pressure on the hydraulic system.