Remote Ground Mount Plus

Mounting and dismounting your center-seated PRINCETON PiggyBack forklift just got easier! PRINCETON will begin delivering center-seated PRINCETON PiggyBack forklifts with our revolutionary operator-assistance feature called Remote Ground Mount Plus (RGM+).
RGM+’s wireless remote control enables the operator to mount or dismount the forklift remotely while standing off either side of the road and away from traffic and the moving forklift. When using RGM+, operators benefit from the ability to enter or exit the forklift while the forklift is sitting flat on the ground. Finally, RGM+ provides the operator the ability to properly align the mounting hooks using the remote-operated side-shift function.
Machines ship with two wireless remote controls. For convenience, one remote can be stored behind the rear door and the other remote at the operator’s discretion.
See the RGM+ brochure here.